Chris Calthrop (kiteboarder)

Nickname: K48
Birthplace: Singapore
Status: Single but taken.
Sponsors: Flexifoil, Brunotti, Maui Magic, Croakies, Daggers, Aerotech
Best Results:
1st Brit to ride Jaws
1st to Kitesurf Jaws
1st to kitesurf the English Channel, Guiness book of records, 2001 ed.
7th OA in world tour.
1st Expression session, Paros Greece.
1st Portland BKSA event.
5th Cornwall Pro Tour 2001
Favorite spot: The air. I don’t spend much time on the water.
Best thing about kitesurfing: The view... from 50ft.
Life motto: Life is for living. Don't always take the easy route, you might miss out.
Homespot: Whitstable

Grant Gisondo (surfer)

After a short break from competition the "G-Spot" is back!! Coming out of West Palm Beach, FL and L.I., NY Grant has been spending his time competing in various professional events, as well as traveling to many exotic destinations in search of the perfect wave. "G" has been with Daggers for 4 years now and never fails to keep it real in and out of the water.

Jace Panebianco (windsurfer)

Aloha, my name is Jace Panebianco and I am a professional windsurfer and travel writer. I entered the professional windsurfing scene in 1998 by being the youngest competitor in the first ever Trans Atlantic Windsurfing Race. The next landmark in my career was inventing my own move: "Crazy Pete".
Aloha, Jace Panebianco

"There isn’t anything worse than baking in the Maui sun without sunglasses. OK, I'm lying, but life is so much better with my Daggers!"

John Griber (snowboarder)

Adventure Snowboarding to John Griber is not rooted in winning competitions of Extreme Sport, or the conquering of a nameless peak. Instead, he finds the allure to be in remote, exotic snowboarding destinations and his kindred spirit with the native mountain cultures. Fifteen years ago the first turns on a snowboard sealed John’s fate and so began a lifelong pursuit. The demanding terrain of the legendary Jackson Hole ski area offered limitless challenge and provided a perfect training ground for John’s mountaineering and steep mountain descents. His continued attraction to mountain adventure has prompted John to look beyond the Tetons, and travel to the far reaches in search of premier snowboard descents, and mountain culture. Some noteworthy snowboard expeditions include: Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica; South Georgia Island, Antarctica; Apolobamba Range, Bolivia; Patagonia, Argentina; Kyrgystan, Tian Shan; Cordillera Blanca, Peru; Norway; Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, and Mt. Kenya, in Africa.

Kevin Ponichtera (windsurfer)

Ponch started windsurfing at 11 years of age. Growing up in the Columbia River Gorge gave him the unique opportunity to spend countless hours pursuing a sport he has come to love. With a ski racing background, it was natural for him to compete in windsurfing. Ponch moved to Maui where he is responsible for the creation of many new moves. The most noted is The Stinger and a "triple forward".

Lina & Petia Yanchulova (Pro-volleyball)

Lina (on the right in the pictures) was born on April 12, 1975, and Petia was born on July 3, 1978. Both of us started playing indoor volleyball when we were 10 years old.. Lina's dream of going to school in America came true, she was recruited by the volleyball coach of the University of Idaho for a scholarship. Her team won its conference championship every single year while she was there. Petia was recruited to play volleyball for the University of San Diego. 2000 was an amazing year for us as a team. It was our first full-time year on the professional beach volleyball circuit. It was also the year when another dream came true - we competed in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia! In 2001 we had the honor of competing in the Goodwill Games in Brisbane, Australia. We now continue to play on the FIVB world tour and we look forward to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

Mike Calinoff (Pit Crew)

Mike may not be a NASCAR driver, he is still a popular figure in the sport. He serves each weekend as Team Member for Matt Kenseth and Casey Mears and holds the role of Spotter. It’s Mike’s job to guide his drivers safely around the track via two-way radio and alert them to any dangerous situations.

Rene-Pierre Normandeau

Snowboarding since 1994
born: december 8th 1981
town: Mont-Tremblant
Editor of the extreme magazine; POLAR
Webmaster, graphic designer and photographer for;

Sponsored by: Daggers core optics, Convert / Columbia, POLAR
Competitions: 2000 and before = many top ten, 2001 = 1st smoothest rail at Snowjam Tremblant
Likes: boardercross, skateboard, party, fast music, jerking around with my friends and being with my girlfriend

Scott Powell (Flatland Freestyler)

Scott has been a flatland freestyler for 16 years; riding professionally for tem of them. He has appeared in countless videos and has created four full-length Chenga videos, documenting the Chenga boys and Scott’s riding! Scott is also the co-owner/co-founder of Chenga-world skatepark and proshop, and the recently opened Chenga 2. Teaming up with flatland legend Kevin Jones, Scott helped design his own frame and started Dividual Bike Co. With a Gravity games and 5 X-games appearances under his belt, Scott doesn’t seen to be slowing down anytime soon.

Sean Aiken (windsurfer)

Home, Maui, HI Oct-May. Hood River, OR May-Oct
Age 33
Windsurfing 20 years
Freestyle and Wave specialist
1999 National Wave sailing Champion
2000 Gorge Games Freestyle Champion
Sponsors include, Windsurfing Hawaii, Nolimitz, Quattro sailboards, Naish, Croakies, Daggers
Other interesting facts: In conjunction with Solo Sports I teach wave sailing clinics in San Carlos, Baja Mexico. The place features a point break wave that can peel for up to a mile and a half.

Stephen Koch (snowboarder)

When Stephen began climbing in Jackson, Wy Teton Range in 1987, he used climbing as a means to access snowboard descents. Stephen was first to descend The Black Ice Couloir, The North Face, Vision Quest Couloir, and Alberich’s Alley- (all on the Grand) and Nez Perce’s Spooky Face. His quest for the finest lines on a mountain has taken him to the highest peak on every continent. The only one left is Everest, which Stephen will attempt to summit and snowboard in 2003.

Web Pedrick (windsurfer)

Web turned pro after winning the Gorge Games in 1999. The next year he joined the PWA (pro windsurfers association, world tour) and won the first event, the Freestyle Grand Prix in Austria. He shot into the European spotlight and ended up 5th overall in the world that first year in 2000. That year, he was also National USWA Freestyle champion. This year, 2001, he only was able to do one PWA event due to a torn rotator cuff he received in Grand Canaria. He took 4th in King of the Lake at Garda. After 6 weeks recovery, chomping at the bit, he won a Local event in the Gorge and then won a big prize money event in Canada. For the 2002 season his sights are set on being World Champion.

Eli Klukowski (surfer)

Surfer from Maui, Hawaii: He has been surfing for about four years and is improving day by day. Eli loves to surf big waves on Maui and he has been traveling a lot lately. This summer he went to Oahu, Costa Rica, Mexico, and California. He has been competing for about two years now and has some good results. Eli also likes skateboarding, Spear fishing, and cruising at the pavilion down at Hookipa Beach Park.

Curt Warren (Pro-hang glider)

29 years old.
Born: March 16, 1973
Originally from Venice, Florida. Now lives in Stanwell Park, Australia part of the year, and New England, USA for the summer.
Job: International hang gliding competitor and instructor. Presently instructs and competes in Australia, Brazil, and the US.
Every chance I’s camping and/or surf travels with friends
9 hour, 260 mile flight!
4th in the nation (and quickly closing) in Cross Country racing
3rd in the nation in Speed Gliding
2000 and 2001 Winner at the annual Tennessee Team Challenge
Winner (team) at the2002 Kitty Hawk Spectacular
Professional Water-skier, 1990-1998
Sponsors: Daggers, Croakies, Flytec instruments and Moyes gliders


Nethaniel Fisher (Surfer)

Nathaniel Fisher is one of our younger riders on the team. He was born and raised on the Island of Kauai and has been surfing nearly everyday since the day he first stood up. That was his 9th birthday. He just turned 16 and purchased his own vehicle to transport himself from beach to beach. Nathaniel's room is filled with video editing electronics to help him make surf videos of himself and friends. He is actively gaining sponsors every year in the hope of becoming a professional surfer.